Cover of Jacob's book, "The Lost is Found: A Lost Boy's Story"Help us celebrate! A year ago this month, Jacob published his book, “The Lost is Found: A Lost Boy’s Story of Faith, Hope, Charity, and Love.”  This makes it a good time to take closer look at “The Lost is Found: A Lost Boy’s Story.”  We–and many reviewers–recommend it to you if you have not read it yet. If you have read it, why not share it with a friend?  “The Lost is Found” is a 5-star book on Last June 18th, an Amazon customer offered this review:

An inspiring personal account of hardship and charity.

This is an inspiring story of survival and perseverance for those boys who were lost during South Sudan’s civil war. It is difficult to summarize how much hardship the author and his colleagues have suffered but it is a constant reminder of the Lord’s work that needs to be done here on earth. I hope that those who appreciate that concept would appreciate this book.

If you are not familiar with the history of The Lost Boys and would like a brief summary before buying Jacob’s book, we describe the highlights of their story and offer links to YouTube videos on this website,  You will also find an article by the International Rescue Committee on The Lost Boys from October 2014 here. Refugee boys at Kakuma Refugee Camp, Uganda, in 2001.Jacob says, “My book tells my story of running for my life at age 7 as radical Muslims attacked my village in Sudan, and spending the next 14 years either on the run or living in refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya. I came to the United States as a “Lost Boy” of Sudan in 2001 and since then have learned a new language, become an American citizen, and obtained an education.”In August 2017, another reviewer on Amazon, Danny H., focuses on the plight of all refugees reflected in Jacob’s story:

An invaluable resource for refugees and their allies

This book is a raw, accessible account of ordinary virtue in extraordinary circumstances. Jacob’s story of survival and redemption is related in a simple, disarming voice and it offers tremendous insight into the history and current situation of his country as well as an inside look at the process of becoming an American. And throughout it all is the constant refrain of God’s unending love and provision. Perhaps the most significant contribution this book offers is its portrayal of life in America for refugees. This book is just dripping with encouragement for refugees and it is a must read for anyone who wants to better understand their lives.

While every refugee is unique, their stories have many similarities, so Jacob’s book connects us to the experience of all refugees. Current events remind us that the refugee problem continues as people flee from Syria and Central America, and even renewed conflict in South Sudan.  We will share one more Amazon review with you, from Linda J. last November. She says:

Excellent book

After Jacob spoke at our church, I bought copies of his book for myself and my daughter-in-law who co-founded a refugee support agency in Grand Rapids, MI. This is a gripping story of the struggle for survival during this long period of persecution of Christians in Sudan. Jacob’s faith in God and determination to continue to share His love is admirable. I recommend this story to anyone who wants to know about the Lost Boys and their plight.

Jacob selling his book in February 2018.Jacob welcomes the opportunity to share his story and talk about his book with community groups, book clubs, and churches. As Linda’s comments indicate, American Christians will find a kinship with Jacob, the Lost Boys, and other South Sudanese.  They may find that supporting Africa Sunrise’s mission in South Sudan fits their own mission work and fundraising goals. In any case, a portion of the proceeds from sale of “The Lost is Found: A Lost Boy’s Story” goes to support the work of Africa Sunrise Communities.Jacob and some of the school children receiving support from the United States. Nairobi, Kenya.Jacob is available for interviews and speaking engagements about his book. If travel from his home in central Kentucky is not practical, Jacob can arrange live or taped audio/video presentations for your group. Contact Jacob here and order a copy of his book here._________________________________________________________Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@africa_sunrise).