Rising Hope Podcast with Jacob Guot
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Nehemiah could have used his current position as an excuse not to try to do anything about Jerusalem, but he did not do that. Instead, he went out, sent of God, and with the support of the king, to undertake the task of rebuilding his beloved city.

Blog entry - Nothing is Impossible
Wall Progress Report
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We are almost ready for School Phase 1! The final touches on the security wall around the compound in Bor, South Sudan, are nearing completion. Progress has been hampered by weather and inflation, but now the final layers of block are being laid and the razor wire is going on top of that.

Blog entry - Nothing is Impossible
Nothing is Impossible
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We South Sudanese are not good at examining ourselves to determine where we are in the faith. We must look deeply into ourselves in terms of our physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health. We tend to throw ourselves into chaos and disunity.

Restoring Hope in South Sudan

Africa Sunrise Communities is a faith-based, nonprofit organization with the mission of restoring communities, empowering refugees, and reconciling relationships in East Africa.

Learn more here and join us as we will build and operate a center of holistic Christian ministry in Bor Town, Jonglei State, South Sudan. “The Rising Hope Christian Center” will include a school for primary and secondary students, an athletic field, a medical clinic, a church, a residence, and a guest house and training center.

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Author Jacob Thon Guot

Jacob’s book The Lost is Found, details his journey as a lost boy and his story of redemption. Be sure to get a copy for yourself, a friend, or share it with your church family or organization. The proceeds of each book go directly towards Africa Sunrise Communities. Thank you for joining us and taking a part in impacting the families in South Sudan who benefit from this school building project and the holistic community to come. We’re so grateful.

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