Bior. A 9 year-old boy in Bor town, Jonglei State, South Sudan.This is Bior. He is 9 years old and lives in Bor, Jonglei State, South Sudan. He is a busy and active youngster who spends time with his cousin, Kuai, and enjoys playing card games.Five years ago he was injured during a rebel attack in South Sudan. His family had been struggling to provide good health care for Bior, and wishing they could afford to send him to school. For the last year, a supporter of Africa Sunrise Communities has been sponsoring Bior’s education with a monthly stipend for his school fees.“It is a great gift,” says Jacob Guot, Executive Director of Africa Sunrise. “This is the generosity and love we see so frequently from ASC supporters. I enjoyed visiting Bior this past January and am happy to report he is a positive young man and applying himself to his studies.” Jacob noted, however, that it is hard for Bior to fully understand why he is different from his classmates, and where his leg has gone.Jacob reports that Bior’s mother, too, is depressed and struggling to come to terms with her son’s injury and disability. The range of medical support, counseling, and occupational training in Bor is very limited at this time.  While the city is calm and day-to-day business occurs, South Sudan as a nation is still under threat from intertribal fighting and civil strife. And, it is a country where nobody has escaped the past twenty years of conflict without some injury or loss.Having Bior in school is a great first step, but he would benefit from better medical care and a more stable lifestyle in Uganda or Kenya. Until Africa Sunrise Communities can complete its school and offer professional support services to its students, raising funds to sponsor students in boarding schools outside of South Sudan is the next best option.Bior with Jacob, January 2018.Supporters looking for a special project to undertake, beyond the broader fundraising for our new school, please contact Jacob Guot to discuss how you can help Bior and a few other special needs children in Bor._________________________________________________________Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@africa_sunrise).

This is one of three blogs in a series, sharing highlights of my trip to South Sudan in January 2018. The series includes Part 1: Fortune, Part 2: Family, and Part 3: Future. Thank you for sharing this journey with me!  ~JacobThe second important group of people I met was my own family. When I was a small boy, I had shared with my brother and cousins a dream I had experienced.  I saw myself in a white collar, standing before my people as a spiritual leader. My cousins didn’t like my dream.  They thought I should join the military or go into politics. No one in our family has ever been a pastor, they said.  Even at my ordination, some were still objecting. So, how would they now receive me? (more…)

This is one of three blogs in a series, sharing highlights of my trip to South Sudan in January 2018. The series includes Part 1: Fortune; Part 2: Family; and Part 3: Future. Thank you for sharing this journey with me!  ~JacobPicture of Jacob outside the Easy Hotel Kenya.Like Nehemiah in the Old Testament, the Lord placed a burning desire in my heart to help the country I left as a child.  In January, I returned to Bor, the main town in my home state, to conduct an assessment of the needs—just like Nehemiah did a secret survey of the broken-down walls of his beloved city, Jerusalem. (more…) 

As the world looked on the November 13 Paris attacks in horror, another horror was occurring in South Sudan. Rebel forces swept through Maar Village killing women, children, and the elderly without heed. ASC’s President, Jacob Thon Guot lost 23 family members and another 80 people in the village were wounded. Thousands of people have fled the area. This comes after attacks in late October in which Guot lost two family members and one of Paul Deng’s relatives was injured. These incidents have forced many women and children to escape to islands in the swamps where sickness is rampant without medicine or protection from mosquitos. With the constant danger, schools have been shut down, aid organizations are forced to put a pause on their efforts, and peace seems farther away than ever.Civilians are wedged in between rebels, government forces, factions, and tribes all fighting for control. This is the very type of thing Africa Sunrise Communities wishes to stop. Attacks like this are happening every day and there is no place of safety for those caught in the crossfire. It is with heavy heart that we report that Jacob Guot’s mother-in-law was killed in the most recent attacks. She had returned to South Sudan with four of her grandchildren to attend the memorial service of her son who had been killed in 2014. Guot and his wife, Rebecca are devastated from the loss and are determined to protect their four nieces and nephews who managed to escape.Rebecca’s 19-year-old brother, Mobior Deng Majok has been taking care of the children since the incident. The memorial they were set to attend was for the father of two of the children. The father of the other two was badly wounded in the same attack and unable to care for the children either. The mothers are desperate to keep their children safe and that’s where ASC comes in. We ask you to partner with us in our efforts to transport the children to safety. With your help, they will be relocated to Uganda Refugee Camp where our supporters and Rebecca’s sister will be able to take care of them.God’s Word tells us that in this world we will have trouble. We know that to be true but we are still saddened as we try to survive in this imperfect world. The past few weeks have only made us more aware of the frailty of our position.Africa Sunrise Communities is trusting God’s providence in this situation. We are thankful for your support and generosity. We ask you to pray with us that God will get the four children to safety and that he will provide financially for their trip to Uganda. For our organization, we request prayer that God will bless our work and guide us in the steps to take. Finally, for South Sudan, we pray that God will show his compassion and grace in allowing peace to come to the war-torn land.We have looked into the situation of the four children and have created a plan to get them to safety. We are looking to raise $2,900 to transport the four children and one adult to the Uganda Refugee Camp and provide for their immediate needs. This includes:

  1. $300 for three days of food and a boat trip from their village to the city of Bor.
  2. $250 for food and lodging while awaiting a flight (2-3 days).
  3. $650 for airfare from Bor to the capital city of Juba, including food and lodging.
  4. $400 for bus travel, lodging, and food for the trip from Juba into Uganda.
  5. $500 for entrance visas into Uganda
  6. $400 for the basic provisions for the children including beds, sheets, and clothes at the refugee camp in Uganda.
  7. $400 for food while they are waiting to get food rations cards in the refugee camp. This can take anywhere from one to three months.

This cost has risen in the past couple years due to increasing safety concerns with road travel. We will be using air travel, as it is usually safer than travelling on roads.The $2,900 is only to get the children to the refugee camp and provide for their urgent needs. This does not cover their ongoing needs. The most important thing for these children is to get an education. This offers hope for the future and is vitally important in their lives. Education is the most important catalyst for peace in the coming years. The cost for each child for a semester is $300. With three semesters in a year, we need $3,600 to send all four children to school for one year.We’re asking you to partner with us as we seek the wellbeing of these children. Africa Sunrise Communities is dedicated to bringing a message of restoration. Join us in creating safety and hope for these children and for the whole of Africa.Thank you for your continued prayers and support,Rev. Jacob Thon GuotPresident and Founder