Jacob in transit to South Sudan.The next steps in Africa Sunrise Communities’ school-building project are underway.  Executive Director Jacob Guot will arrive in South Sudan in a day or two. He will spend two weeks completing necessary steps for construction to begin. “I am filled with hope and also gratitude to our members and supporters,” said Guot as he prepared for his trip.It is the rainy season in South Sudan right now, so construction work is not feasible.  But Jacob will take care of advance planning activities such as:

Board Vice-President Gabriel Achai explains, “These steps do not sound dramatic and Jacob will not return with photographs of new walls, but this is an important part of building a school.”Village elders meeting during Jacob's visit.As a non-profit, ASC will partner with the local government in Bor Town and community groups, just like it partners with churches and individuals in America for support. “These partnerships are our strength, and a key to our success,” said ASC Board member Judy Metcalf.We wish Jacob Godspeed on this trip and look forward to further updates upon his return. __________________________________________Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@africa_sunrise).