Dear Friends,

We are almost ready for School Phase 1! The final touches on the security wall around the compound in Bor, South Sudan, are nearing completion. Progress has been hampered by weather and inflation, but now the final layers of block are being laid and the razor wire is going on top of that.

Our next task is to raise funds to begin actual construction of the school building. The model at left Is an artist’s rendering of the finished complex, with the school, clinic, and other planned facilities. Our school building will be of simple block construction, with two floors to begin with. More floors can be added later, as more classrooms are needed.

During their recent visit to the compound, three individuals expressed their curiosity about our mission and plans for the area. Upon learning about our intention to establish a school and clinic, they were filled with joy. One of them said, “We are thankful, excited, and hopeful for the quick commencement of construction on the school and clinic. Our children

currently endure long walks to distant schools, and the existing educational infrastructure is insufficient to accommodate them. The establishment of these facilities will be a beacon of hope for our community, enabling our children to pursue education without undue hardship.”

Our Trip to Kenya

My family and I are making a preliminary trip to Kenya later this month, to scout out housing, school for the children, and medical facilities for Aluel, age 5, who has special needs and has been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. This trip is in anticipation of our permanent move back to East Africa in the Fall of 2026.

The estimated cost to complete Phase 1 is $468,000.

It will take many friends to help us fulfill our vision of empowering through education, reconciling through Christ’s love, and restoring hope through meaningful change in South Sudan.

We need to identify persons and organizations who can help by providing larger gifts. As you know of any such persons or groups with a heart for Africa, please share this information with them and help them get in touch with us.

Please consider a generous gift to Africa Sunrise Communities now. 

You may send a check to Africa Sunrise Communities or you can give by going online at One-time and/or recurring gifts are needed.

Your gift will make a difference in the lives of the people of South Sudan and beyond. We are so very grateful for your prayers and your financial support.

In Christ,

Jacob Thon Guot
Founder and Executive Director