Neil Noah


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications from Asbury University, 1997


  • Blessed with grandparents who served as missionaries in Africa and Brazil
  • Born and grew up in Brazil as a 2nd-generation missionary kid
  • Received an Emmy for his work on Hope In the Face of Addiction, a documentary on the effects of the opioid epidemic
  • Attends Southland Christian Church


From his experience growing up in Brazil, Neil gained a global perspective on how important it is to share God’s love wherever you are planted. He has volunteered with youth ministry for over 10 years at his family’s church and has taken several short-term mission trips to Northern Ireland. He has since been actively involved in a variety of media-related volunteer work with several ministries and the local school systems.

Neil lives in Wilmore, Kentucky with his wife of 18 years, Shauna. Shauna is an English Language Learner teacher serving international children. They have two children: Kylie, 13, and Alexander, 9, and a menagerie of pets.

In his spare time, Neil enjoys spending time with family and friends, doing graphic design, photography, traveling, hiking, camping, rock climbing and playing basketball.

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