Dear Partners of Africa Sunrise Communities,

With your help, we have already raised sufficient funds to construct most of the perimeter wall on our land in Bor, South Sudan. This wall completely encloses our property and will provide security for our school and other buildings, which are on the drawing board to be built next.

Bor Wall Fence Project Report

 Africa Sunrise Communities gave the wall construction project to Lim Construction Company. Costs for this project were complicated by weather (the South Sudanese rainy seasons), by the coronavirus pandemic, and by rising inflation. The block work has been completed but the wall needs to be topped off and the main gate installed.

We are in need of $30,000 to raise the height of this wall and to top it off with razor wire, to install the main gate, and to pay our local engineer. This massive wall is necessary to prevent thefts of materials (which we have already suffered) and to secure the grounds for our future buildings and students.

Unfortunately, inflation has impacted this project also, raising the cost of labor and materials. The longer we have to wait to complete it, the higher these costs will go.

Please consider a generous gift to Africa Sunrise Communities for the Finish-The-Wall Project! With your continued help, we can close out this part of the project and move on to raising funds for the school building next.

Education is crucial to preparing the next generation of leaders for South Sudan, a country that received its independence just eleven years ago. It has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. My vision is to build an elementary school at the Rising Hope Christian Center in Bor. But the wall must be finished first, or all our good work will be in vain!

You can visit our website at and click on “Donate” or send a check to Africa Sunrise Communities, P.O. Box 82, Wilmore, KY 40390.

Thank you for your investment in South Sudan and the ministries of Africa Sunrise Communities and the Rising Hope Christian Center project.

In Christ,

Jacob Thon Guot

Executive Director

 P. S. “So we built the wall. . . for the people had a mind to work.” (Nehemiah 4:6 ESV).