Greetings friends,

We’ve had a busy and challenging season at Africa Sunrise as we’ve confronted obstacles both in South Sudan and Stateside as we prepare to complete the final leg of the wall construction. As reported previously, South Sudan continues to reel in the aftermath of unprecedented flooding in Bor and surrounding areas.

Wall Progress: 96% Funded

Good News! We are praising God that we’ve received enough money to begin construction on the final phase of the wall. Construction is resuming now and we have sufficient funds to complete nearly the entire wall. The only part lacking will be the gate. We are praying the remaining $6,000 will come in to finalize the project before the new year.

This has been a long project that began nearly two years ago. It has cost nearly $112,000 to enclose the entire one-hectare property of Africa Sunrise on the ground in Bor. Once complete, new opportunities open to us through NGO grants that require this initial infrastructure presence to qualify for funds to serve the marginalized groups of children in South Sudan.

Local Updates: Bor, South Sudan

Flooding in Bor, October 2021

Flooding started to affect life in so many aspects since last August, in Jonglei state. It displaced most of the villages from the counties of Twic East, Duk, and from the northern part of Bor county of Jalle and Baidit payams and Bor town. People lost lives, animals, homes, businesses, and other sources of livelihood. Unfortunately, help is taking too long and creating severe harm and demoralizing the people in these regions.

Most parts of the affected area remain underwater still for two long years of devastation. Small parts of areas in Bor town are dry due to the effort created by the road construction. A dike has been constructed, which has saved several areas and their markets, while others remain underwater. While these efforts are noteworthy, the disaster’s mark remains while recovery is frustratingly slow.

South Sudan continues to face political turmoil as various factions continue to struggle to maintain legitimate authority in this newly established country. Nonetheless, the vision of Africa Sunrise continues on in spite of the political unknowns, and the vision to bring hope to Bor becomes even more necessary.

Moving in 2023

Our current plan involves moving my family back to South Sudan in 2023 to begin overseeing field operations directly. I anxiously anticipate the culmination of all the work that has been put into beginning this ministry five years ago. We covet earnestly your prayers and support as we begin to transition into the next phase of the ministry. Plans are also in the works for a short-term trip to South Sudan in the coming months to make preparations for what is to come.

As one of the “Lost Boys” of Sudan, I can say that I have lost so much in my life: I have lost family members and their influence in my life; I have lost my childhood, and I have lost several years trying to find safety. Yet, I have found many things, too; most importantly, the existence of a new purpose in my life, and great joy in relationships with friends like you.

When I consider the lost being found, I am thinking about the finding of existence, renewal, and restoration. That is my purpose in life now. I was lost once, but through the mercies of God, I have been found. And now I want to share the joy of being found with others. I want to re-establish life and order for future generations of my people in South Sudan. Like the lost coin, the lost sheep, and the lost son in the parables told by Jesus, I have been found by God. Now it is up to me to help find those who are lost and hurting in South Sudan.

Jacob Guot
Executive Director, Africa Sunrise Communities